Sunday, November 8, 2015

-名的由来 / Why Sunny?-

My name is Sunny.

Most of the time, when i tell other person that my name is Sunny. Majority of them would ask the same question: "Why Sunny? I thought it is a male name?"

Why Sunny? Some would say:" Is it because of your always 'happy-go-lucky' and laugh a lot?"
Oh well, no! The reason is pretty simple. When I studied secondary school, people around me started to have their own English name. I was one of them that felt that having my own English name made me felt awesome and trendy.

Hence, I search dictionary (it was really a hard-copy of dictionary at that time). I once named myself 'Benice', 'Grace' and etc. But non of them last long as many people will have funny comments whenever I told them my english name, like:
'Grace? You are not graceful at all!'
'Benice? You wanna to be Be-Nice?'

So, I had to move on with choosing another English name. I like sunflower. I once have my email address as ''. Once, I had a little internal mind-war:
Me A: "why not call myself Sunflower?"
Me B: "What? can't you choose a better name?  I am pretty sure that even more people will laugh at this name."
Me A:" If 'sunflower' is not a good choice, then what about just 'sun', quite cool, isn't it? "
Me B:"No!! This is too boyish!"
Me A: "..........."
Me B: "No other suggestion?"
Me A:" .......sunny....."
Me B:"I like this!"
Me A:"..........."

and this is the reason why I named myself as 'Sunny'. Simple reason, isn't it?

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