Friday, February 15, 2008

- DanDan -

My Dear rabbit, Dandan.
I bought it on valentine day.
Well, nothing do with that day.
cause someone assume me bought it at that day
sure means a lot.
I just like it,
for the first sight on it.
Cause it seem so special, as seldom have rabbit like that.
When i found that its one of its toes gone.
Normally, no one buy something broke.
but, i just like it.
until i able accept all about it.
My cute dandan.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

- CNY Vs Homesick-

Chinese New Year just past.
This year, i didn't spend many days with family,
as i have to attend classes the next week.
I am 20 years old this year.
There were lots of things happened years ago.
which make me more appreciate them.
I think i consider have a happy family,
though somthing happened years ago.
It was not a good memory,
It made me releaze,
How deep i misunderstand my mum last time.
I should never blame her.
while she is also just a lady.
who also will feel helpless.
I was stupid last time,
can't see her wounds under a mask.
forgotten all her sacrifices for us.
thanks god.
She still with us.
The family didn't break.
She changed a lots, to a better mum.
Dad & Mum...Love u 2 much!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

-Sweeney Todd, Again n again-

Today i finally watched this movie.
I wondered why only one of my friend was really interested,
as it's a good movie.
Feel sad after watched the movie.
Cause the plot of the story is sad.
The movie mainly about hatred.
Yet, i see love in the movie.
Love with bad ending.
It doesn't mean that the ending of the movie is bad.
everyone in the movie can't be together with lover.
It make me feel sad.
The sad ending remind me for all my sadness
in these days.
I finally understand what my friend said.
The most painful moment isn't
when we cry.
It's when tears can't come out from eyes.
Heartache seriously,
mentally wounded,
Yet, not a single tear can come out from my eyes.
I started to doubt.
whether there is give and take.
whether there is someone really care.
maybe, just maybe,
tears will come back to me
when there is someone really concern.
Always want to make other smile,
so i smile though i feel the pain.
Always scare give other troubles,
so i pretend i was strong in everything.
Smiley seem always my best friend,
to cover my wounded heart.
My dad always said that i was a walking tearsbag,
but i think i'm not now.
cause i can't even cry when i feel really sad.
my friend's dad pass away,
i was sad when i heard about it,
but tears seem transform to pain,
keep dancing in my heart.
Pain, pain, pain,
that's what replace tears of mine.