Monday, March 28, 2016

-If only you can-

We are human being and being a human, we have limited abilities. There are tons of things that we wish to do. We just don't have enough time, money and not even likely almost impossible to do some of these 'wish-listed' things.

I have a dream, a wish that unlikely able to achieve. I wish that I can see and feel this world. This is world is so huge and we are so tiny. We are living in our own world and most of us know little about the 'world' beyond ours. What I mean the 'world' is actually the society, state and country that we growth up and live at. I only know how Malaysian eat, work and play. Even in my own country, Malaysia. I know so little about the cultures in my own country.

If, it always only if I can, I wish that I can no worry about money. Then I can grab a simple backpack with a camera, notebook and my laptop to start my journey. A journey to travel around. Most of people said the same things, Life is short, Travel while you still can. Well, I couldn't agree more. But absolutely not exactly like how they meant. Majority of the people, I meant those I know here in Malaysia, they want to travel to major cities or hot-spots.  As for me, I want a trip that can experience inspire me to be better person.

Every country has its own core cultures. I will love to experience them. Life is more meaningful, for those people living in the bottom of the pyramid in the society instead of those in the top of the pyramid. I don't know much. However, in my opinion, people who live in the top of the pyramid of society have mutual common identities: they are rich, powerful, and smart. In the other hands, people in the bottom of the pyramid, be it middle class or lower class of the society. Their life are mostly surrounded by daily routines that consist of simple things: get enough money for food, shelter, daily goods and get a better life.

We are human. If we have too much of blessings, we lost count of them. But when we able to see the world from different perspective, we will be recalled of all the blessings that we have with us. So, If only I can not worry about money for sustain a living, I will happy to feel other countries' culture in a better way.