Wednesday, July 30, 2008

-What's for this summer: Ben Stiller-

Tropic Thunder
Seriously, i don't want miss this.
Ben Stiller always my first choice of comedy actor.
He really good in any kind of movie.
Zoolander, Meet the parents...
I believe this movie will be next representative movie of him.

-What's Coming Up-

This thursday i gonna watch
with my friends....
What's next? i waiting for this movie
"you don't mess with the zohan"
i had been waiting for this movie for month...
Now the show gonna on cinema at 28 of august..
hopefully no assignment at tat moment...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

-My Lovely Dog-

Just now, i just read one of my net friend's blog.
She lost her dog....again.
From her blog, it's not hard to feel how sad she make me think about my dog.
Lucky, came to my house since 15Th of November in 1998.
It was fate, for his arrival to our family.
There was a theif tried to break into my house.
my dad worry about our safety.
He decided to feed a dog to guard my house.
We planned to buy a dog,
a Dobberman.
Of course, it's expensive.
My mum didn't hope we spend money on a dog,
so, she brought us (my sisters and me),
to one broken house( which located in front of my mum shop)
to choose one puppy.
three of us,
fell in love at the first sight of lucky,
(lucky look exactly like the dog in previous blog i posted)
we were young,
when lucky came to our family.
my dad and mum also had their own job,
seldom at home before 6pm.
became our best target to play with.
We would secretly let him came into our house
when there were lightings and thunders.
(he scared of thunder, but my dad din allow him came into house)
When he was one year old,
he became naughty.
He dug holes in my dad's favourite garden
(my dad spent lots of time to decorate the garden)
He bite my mum's towels
(which gonna used for my mum's saloon)
My dad and mum were so angry,
wanted to send him away.
We can't stop them,
though we felt sad cause he is our first pet
I hid behind the curtain,
when the vet drove his truck to our house.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw lucky locked in his own cage
(my dad built it himself with steel frames and bars)
and moved by dad and the vet onto the truck.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw lucky barking with sad tone.
I hid behind the curtian,
when i saw my dad asked the vet helped him
to move the cage back to its original position.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw my dad
finally decided to give a last chance to lucky to stay with us.
lucky never dig holes or bite towels anymore....
but he bite birds, mice, etc... cute dog.
he is a clever and handsome dog,
he will eat when i say: "eat"
he will go into the cage when i say: "go in!"
he will came to my side when i cried at the garden...
(usually because scolded by parents)
i din bluff, he really do so.
I always buy some dog can-food for him with my own pocket money,
(my dad never know even until now...haha)
I'm the one he likes the most,
( i think so)
cause he will hug my legs and licked my hands...sometimes face
(how he hug? with his two front legs lock my legs and lie on me..haha)
he never do this to other!
but sometimes he also bully me la,
such as, step on my slippers when i was walking,
make me almost fall down,
or hid my shoes behind trees.
I love him so much,
for every good memory he gave.
I remember last year,
dunno when was it.
i came back to my hometown from kl.
before i went back to my house.
my younger sister asked me to be prepare.
"you better prepare, cause u gonna see something make u sad"
i replied:" pls dun tell me lucky died edi!"
my mum:"no la....but..."
my dad:" you dunno mei? lucky have cancer on his ears...
he just came back from a surgery,
the vet help him remove the tumours.
now he deaf edi! vet said he can't listen anymore.
so, he might can't listen to u anymore"
I replied:"yea..right...u think i'll believe you all?
u always fool me!" (laugh-ing)
the car arrived my house when i said this.
i rush down,
waited lucky rush towards me as usual.
he din!
he walked slowly towards me...with shaking steps...
i notice fur nearby his ears shave-off.
He tried to hug me (locked my legs and licked me)
but when he tried to jump,
he can't!
my tears fell like hell....
cause i can't stand he can hear me anymore....
he looked so ill....
my tears fell like hell when i heard
"haha...i told u all edi la, yann sure cry!"
my sister laughed when she said this.
"aiyo, why you cry? we cheated u only, lucky just have little tumour on ears,
removed edi...not cancer...he still can hear! just that he took some narcotic..
so can't walk and jump well."
my tears still falling when i scolded them.
I love my dog very much.
He is ten years old now....
days passed by...
i know i'm losing him.....
he not active like last year anymore...
i know i'm losing him.....
i can't imagine if he leave me....
i pray,
lord, please let me be around him when u want to take him back.
at least let me comb his fur for the last time before he leave,
at least let me say good bye to him,
lord, i pray, please dun let me received call that he leave us when i'm in kl.
at least let me close to him again for the last time.
lord, i pray, at least dun take him back before i graduate.
i pray and ask in the name of your precious son, jesus christ. amen.
P/s: the first picture was took before surgery, the bottom two were after.
that stupid vet accidently cut his ear's soft bone,
now lucky left ear can't stand like last time.
but he still handsome for me, though

-God is Great-

Praise the lord.
This is one video that one of my facebook netfriend send to me.
The Title is "God is Great"
He really a tough guy.
If i was him,
I'm so confirm,
i won't face the fate which happened to me.
I won't so positive like him.
two thumbs up to show my respect to him.
i just wanna share this video with my friends.
hopefully that able to get some encouragement from this video too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

- Oh My God-

This picture is cool, right?
it's my coursemate creation.
Seriously, it's cute and cool.
so, when i saw it from his msn display picture,
i was amazed.
I asked one bigger copy from him.
When i opened the picture,
i was like....
He never took any photography course,
yet he manage to create this kind of picture,
he just 20 years old,
no...not yet,
still have another 11 days.
you're right,
his birthday is 8/8/88
and this year is 2008.
kinda meaningful year,
cause not all of us can hv so many same digits in our birthday.
GARY, happy be-earlier Birthday!
wish able to be one excellent architect and photographer!
Hereby, i post his picture,
at least must let you know who is him la.
oh ya, his blog kinda filled with nice pictures,

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Monday, July 21, 2008

-Games Always Entertain: Round 4-

Top video
Guy 'kena' kissed: Alan Ong
Guy kissed: Nick Lim
Bottom Video
Guy 'kena' Kissed: Nick Lim
Guy kissed: Chris
The punishment is one gonna kiss another..
of course those kissed and 'kena' kissed also losers,
lost in card game then have to accept punishment,
then they used damn long time to finish punishment!
guys always like this....
hahahaha...anyway, happy to see other like tat paiseh

-Games Always Entertain: Round 3-

Girl: Doris
Guy: Alan
Guys helped to hold alan: gary and boo
This video is kinda the special and have to be special highlight,
cause i still roughly remember the conversation,
Alan: dorh, since we so friend, dun slap me la...
Doris: cannot,this is game's rules. somemore gary them won't allow
Alan: later i have to drive back...if u slap me, i scare i'll faint,
can't drive well,
then the car will good la..(the hands rolling)
Doris: dun worry, i won't slap so hard 1...
Alan: dun la, we peace..peace, ok?
Doris: cannot la...
Alan: o change another punishment, i drink 1 cup of vodka..ok?
Doris: Don't worry, i'll very soft one...(pulled up her sleeve)
Alan: wei, dun pulled up your sleeve la, u scared me...
like u gonna make a hard slap..(following pulled sleeve)
Doris: No..i just wanna pulled up my sleeve,
i scare my sleeve might scratch your face...(alan touches own face)
Doris waiting to slap....
alan suddenly stop her...
Alan: dun la...later when i drive back, might have road-block,
the police might stop me if my face red...
Gary and boo: alan, dun sissy la...
( gary locked alan's hands while boo locked his face)
a punishment finally done!

Games Always Entertain: Round 2-

Haha...then come to the other punishment,
pumping on another person....
well, this is really embarrassed...
but still having fun...
video 1
girl underneath: Janet lee
Guy top: Alan Ong
Video 2
guy underneath: nick lim
guy on top: Yew mun
that night we really hv some unforgettable experiences.

-Games Always Entertain: Round 1-

Girl : Doris Quek
Guy: Nick Lim
This little thing happened at 31st of august 2007,
it was really a funny night,
and look what we had done!!
one little cute couples created!
they lost in the game and have to "mo" nose for five times.
there are more videos coming up..

Sunday, July 20, 2008



Friday, July 18, 2008

-Kampar Trip: Day 2-

the sky was blue...and damn hot when we had our site visit.
there was a nice kind uncle offered help,
fetched us into the site with this little truck.
the guys were stood on the truck while us(girls) sat inside the truck
enjoying the air-conditioned cool air. >_<
when lecturer said that we gonna have our lunch soon,
everyone was really happy as the site was really hot,
and we were thirsty and hungry.
started clockwise from the yellow shirt guy are
(boo,andrew,ernest,fai,gary w,kim yang,suan yew, dorh, nick and siew xia)
started clockwise from the white shirt guy
(nigel, alan,sunny,anne,lawrence,kiat,ron,tau wei,jia bou,nick and shawn)
start from the black shirt girl
(joey,matthew,choon wah,kin yew,wai choon, uncle, mr. teoh, ms. linlin and lawr.)
these were our lunch!! there was one more fish not is picture.
wat are we doing here?
there was a puppy!
isn't it cute? we all really like it.
after the site visit, we back to the hotel.
then we looking for our dinner about 8 o'clock.
YOU JI CURRY CHICKEN BREAD! we had a good dinner and it just cause us about RM10 each!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Visions of the atlantis
they are really quite good. The female vocal also quite attractive.
but the vocal had left the band.
now they seriously looking for a new vocal.
they formed in 2000.
They are good.
not they kinda stop produce songs due to lack of vocal.
hope they able to get their vocal asap.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

-Hand to Hand-

Holding hands seem to be the most common body contact for couple.
I found this pictures through internet and i quite like them.
without showing the expression of the couples,
the pictures tell us something...
they both love each other.
no matter how they hold their hands,
this little contact seem to contact their heart.
If kiss is dessert,
holding hands will be water,
kiss like dessert,
of course you will happy if you have it,
but it's not that neccessary.
holding hands just like water,
every couple must have it
( not for those broken hands and no hands, sorry for this)
a little contact,
no need skill
(kiss need skill, though)
It's a longlasting sign to show love.
You see,
two old folks,
you seldom see them kiss,
but from their hands firmly hold together,
you can tell,
they love each other, deeply.
Let me out of topic for one moment,
i always remember,
though i was young,
how my parents held my hands,
experience my every 'first-time' together,
they held my hands,
i learnt how to walk...
they held my hands,
i learnt how to write...
Back to the topic,
Holding hands obviously is the simplest way to show
your love to other....
this my point of view....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

-Kampar Trip : Day 1-

The first day of kampar trip,
i waited there for three hours cause the bus late for silly reason.
when the bus finally came,
we were brought to roof top for a brief about kampar...
it's kinda boring as we were hungry and tired,
can't wait to rush to our rooms.
we found a little entertainment for ourselves.
after the brief, we finally can have our lunch,
Tan Sri XXXXX paid for us.
yap, we had our free buffet lunch!!
everyone fight for food like we din eat for days. :P
It's time to go back to our rooms.
Ernest and the guys able to find a new service from this hotel,
Trolley for guest!
Trolley in this hotel is not for luggage but us.
you can just tell the hotel boy what is your room no.
they will bring you to your room with this trolley!!
See! the guys enjoy it very much.
Like what i mention in previous post,
we were shock for the damn pretty five star rooms
where we gonna stay for nights
then after half an hours,
we depart to beautiful UTAR new campus
the campus is f**king big,
i couldn't post all the pictures of it as they will slow down my browser
But, believe me.
when you see the campus, we really want to stay here instead of UCSI.
GARY and ALAN them (fishing-lover) fell in love in the first sight of it,
cause there are many lovely lakeSSS.
just imagine how relaxing it is when u can jog around the lake,
feel the cool wind, fresh air, natural live band(bird and cricket singing)
after the class.
DAMN, why UTAR no bc. in architecture?
then we had a small debate section.
nigel and zac represent ucsi while nick and fei represent utar.
kim yang as public supporter for ucsi while matthew for utar.
Nigel, zac and kim yang have to think some reasons to defeat utar,
but i think they really want to support utar.
though they din said so, but they reasons to defeat utar were kinda weak.
then, we could go back to our rooms and rest.
there was the first day in kampar.

- Kampar Trip : Where We Stay-

Grant Kampar Hotel is the hotel where we stayed.
Kampar is a small town.
We never expect we able to stay in a good hotel.
it's a four-stars hotel (for me)
The lobby of the hotel actually is quite small.
It's give you the's just a two stars hotel.
When we got the key card,
we rush to our room as we really tired.
At the moment we open the door,
we really surprised as it's not what we thought.
The first sight of the room where we stayed..
there are one king-size bed and two single beds
which separated by a louver-design partition wall.
When we walked inside,
we found that there are one single sofa in front of the window,
while another two-seat sofa beautifully put between the beds.
The bathroom itself also separated to three parts.
a little room with toilet bowl and telephone can be shutted.
a shower stall with curtain and a bath tub which is open.
The environment surround the hotel also give credits to the hotel.
There are european-style buildings with colourful painted walls,
many beautiful lakes and mountains,
it really relaxing us.