Monday, July 28, 2008

- Oh My God-

This picture is cool, right?
it's my coursemate creation.
Seriously, it's cute and cool.
so, when i saw it from his msn display picture,
i was amazed.
I asked one bigger copy from him.
When i opened the picture,
i was like....
He never took any photography course,
yet he manage to create this kind of picture,
he just 20 years old,
no...not yet,
still have another 11 days.
you're right,
his birthday is 8/8/88
and this year is 2008.
kinda meaningful year,
cause not all of us can hv so many same digits in our birthday.
GARY, happy be-earlier Birthday!
wish able to be one excellent architect and photographer!
Hereby, i post his picture,
at least must let you know who is him la.
oh ya, his blog kinda filled with nice pictures,

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