Wednesday, July 2, 2008

-Kampar Trip : Day 1-

The first day of kampar trip,
i waited there for three hours cause the bus late for silly reason.
when the bus finally came,
we were brought to roof top for a brief about kampar...
it's kinda boring as we were hungry and tired,
can't wait to rush to our rooms.
we found a little entertainment for ourselves.
after the brief, we finally can have our lunch,
Tan Sri XXXXX paid for us.
yap, we had our free buffet lunch!!
everyone fight for food like we din eat for days. :P
It's time to go back to our rooms.
Ernest and the guys able to find a new service from this hotel,
Trolley for guest!
Trolley in this hotel is not for luggage but us.
you can just tell the hotel boy what is your room no.
they will bring you to your room with this trolley!!
See! the guys enjoy it very much.
Like what i mention in previous post,
we were shock for the damn pretty five star rooms
where we gonna stay for nights
then after half an hours,
we depart to beautiful UTAR new campus
the campus is f**king big,
i couldn't post all the pictures of it as they will slow down my browser
But, believe me.
when you see the campus, we really want to stay here instead of UCSI.
GARY and ALAN them (fishing-lover) fell in love in the first sight of it,
cause there are many lovely lakeSSS.
just imagine how relaxing it is when u can jog around the lake,
feel the cool wind, fresh air, natural live band(bird and cricket singing)
after the class.
DAMN, why UTAR no bc. in architecture?
then we had a small debate section.
nigel and zac represent ucsi while nick and fei represent utar.
kim yang as public supporter for ucsi while matthew for utar.
Nigel, zac and kim yang have to think some reasons to defeat utar,
but i think they really want to support utar.
though they din said so, but they reasons to defeat utar were kinda weak.
then, we could go back to our rooms and rest.
there was the first day in kampar.

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