Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-The Used's Latest Album:Artwork-

The used, one of my favourite artists. They just released their latest album,

ARTWORK. Inside this album, there are:

1. Blood on my hands

2. Empty without you

3. Born to quit

4. Kissing you goodbye

5. Sold my soul

6. Watered down

7. On the cross

8. Come undone

9. Meant to die

10. The best of me

11. All the men are same

Phew...almost highlight all songs....those all songs that i think kinda good. 

Blood on my hands is the dominant song in the album. The mv is real good.

Damn mad. It's about a mad guy killed his own girlfriend....

check out the mask he cut out....from his girlfriend's face....

that is...pardon me if it made u sick...AWESOME!

btw, at the ending of this mv...the police hang Bert McCracken to death,

isn'i it weird? i thought USA usually consume electrical chair??

For those like the used, you gotta listen to this song...

for those dunno them....HELLO, just gv it a try!!

-Johnny Depp Coming Soon-

Alice in Wonderland, disney next hit in the year of 2010....

yea, still have months to wait....but, i already excited for it!!

oh man, i'm really a big fan of Johnny Depp.....I just watched his lastest movie,

public enemies, it was great!

but i'm little disaapointed with its ending.

a tradegy story about a wanted guy in the city.

Oh boy, the trailer itself already spice up the air...

but it will only release on march next year...gosh..

check out the video, if u r also one of his fans...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

-Korea Band Praise Concert-

The handsome lead vocal, he is so cuteee..

Female vocal....very pretty n cute too...with sweet smiles on their face.

He brought us high and low for the whole night

at the end, everyone just got high.

time to praise the lord...holy songs..

Finally i post these pictures. It was weeks ago, when the korea band come over malaysia,

had some gatherings with brother and sisters here to sing some praise songs.

Well, i was excited when my mum asked me to attend the concert. Yet, I never think the concert

can be so HOOOt like that. You know, when we talk about Praise the lord gathering thingy.

Usually will be....holy + serious. I never expect the atmosphere can be that high...

everyone jump and scream + blushed like teenager when the lead vocal stare at us.

"encore...encore...encore!!!!" we screamed this again and again. 

At the beginning, my sister and her friends plus me were chit chat around until the mc 

invited the performers went to the stage. Then the drummer started the concert.

All the vocals sang really good. We were impressed when one of the female vocal sang

praise songs with high pitch. The concert reached its climax when each of the members of the 

korea band had his/her own solo performace. 

After the concert came to the end, we took pictures with the performers and got signatures on 

their album. The whole concert was enjoyable and we had lots of fun..

Monday, July 13, 2009

-No more worry for fart-

This ad is damn funny....i really dunno how they come out with this idea.

Special designed for those always fart around