Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-The Used's Latest Album:Artwork-

The used, one of my favourite artists. They just released their latest album,

ARTWORK. Inside this album, there are:

1. Blood on my hands

2. Empty without you

3. Born to quit

4. Kissing you goodbye

5. Sold my soul

6. Watered down

7. On the cross

8. Come undone

9. Meant to die

10. The best of me

11. All the men are same

Phew...almost highlight all songs....those all songs that i think kinda good. 

Blood on my hands is the dominant song in the album. The mv is real good.

Damn mad. It's about a mad guy killed his own girlfriend....

check out the mask he cut out....from his girlfriend's face....

that is...pardon me if it made u sick...AWESOME!

btw, at the ending of this mv...the police hang Bert McCracken to death,

isn'i it weird? i thought USA usually consume electrical chair??

For those like the used, you gotta listen to this song...

for those dunno them....HELLO, just gv it a try!!

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