Tuesday, October 6, 2015

-Old Days-

Today when I browse through YouTube and check new updates of the channels that I had subscribed earlier. JinnyBoy TV has uploaded a new video, after watched it, I suddenly feel like replay the old videos that they had made years ago.

Then i found this video, . Time flies and I aged so much. This video remind me so much of my childhood. A happy, pure and simple childhood. It just like many other had mentioned and sighed for thousand times. My Generasi is so much different with generasi nowadays. 

Blame it to the technology! Many people would have saying this quite frequent. Well, technology is just simply knowledge developed to enhance and make our life easier. We are users, we get to decide how to use the devices invented. Phone, tablets and computer are merely invented to shorten times of doing many things.

When kids nowadays so obsessed by these devices? Hey, parents!  You should put the blame on yourself. You are guardian of your children, can't you control them? Yes, you can! However, many parents choose to use these devices to keep their little kids busy, so that their children will not bother them. As a result, kids are rather spend time on phone, tablet and computer since they are young.

I had a friend told me that, it is impossible not to give child tablet or they can never catch up with the trends and they can't mixed with their friends. If I assume what she said is true, now here is a question. What about those families that can't afford one? Is this mean that their children will not have friends? In fact, I had many friends that their kids having fun without all these 'cool' devices.

They played games, badminton, and run around the neighborhood. This is simply because their parents can't afford those devices. Maybe they unable to catch up with the latest trends,but they definitely have happy and special childhood that worth to laugh about for the rest of their life.

My generasi without advance devices, joys can be easily gained. We are poor, therefore we used many things passed over by other people. I played second-handed toys passed by relatives, but i can remember the happiness when we got them. It is simply heart-filled joys, I missed those days.