Sunday, July 6, 2008

-Hand to Hand-

Holding hands seem to be the most common body contact for couple.
I found this pictures through internet and i quite like them.
without showing the expression of the couples,
the pictures tell us something...
they both love each other.
no matter how they hold their hands,
this little contact seem to contact their heart.
If kiss is dessert,
holding hands will be water,
kiss like dessert,
of course you will happy if you have it,
but it's not that neccessary.
holding hands just like water,
every couple must have it
( not for those broken hands and no hands, sorry for this)
a little contact,
no need skill
(kiss need skill, though)
It's a longlasting sign to show love.
You see,
two old folks,
you seldom see them kiss,
but from their hands firmly hold together,
you can tell,
they love each other, deeply.
Let me out of topic for one moment,
i always remember,
though i was young,
how my parents held my hands,
experience my every 'first-time' together,
they held my hands,
i learnt how to walk...
they held my hands,
i learnt how to write...
Back to the topic,
Holding hands obviously is the simplest way to show
your love to other....
this my point of view....

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