Tuesday, July 29, 2008

-My Lovely Dog-

Just now, i just read one of my net friend's blog.
She lost her dog....again.
From her blog, it's not hard to feel how sad she make me think about my dog.
Lucky, came to my house since 15Th of November in 1998.
It was fate, for his arrival to our family.
There was a theif tried to break into my house.
my dad worry about our safety.
He decided to feed a dog to guard my house.
We planned to buy a dog,
a Dobberman.
Of course, it's expensive.
My mum didn't hope we spend money on a dog,
so, she brought us (my sisters and me),
to one broken house( which located in front of my mum shop)
to choose one puppy.
three of us,
fell in love at the first sight of lucky,
(lucky look exactly like the dog in previous blog i posted)
we were young,
when lucky came to our family.
my dad and mum also had their own job,
seldom at home before 6pm.
became our best target to play with.
We would secretly let him came into our house
when there were lightings and thunders.
(he scared of thunder, but my dad din allow him came into house)
When he was one year old,
he became naughty.
He dug holes in my dad's favourite garden
(my dad spent lots of time to decorate the garden)
He bite my mum's towels
(which gonna used for my mum's saloon)
My dad and mum were so angry,
wanted to send him away.
We can't stop them,
though we felt sad cause he is our first pet
I hid behind the curtain,
when the vet drove his truck to our house.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw lucky locked in his own cage
(my dad built it himself with steel frames and bars)
and moved by dad and the vet onto the truck.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw lucky barking with sad tone.
I hid behind the curtian,
when i saw my dad asked the vet helped him
to move the cage back to its original position.
I hid behind the curtain,
when i saw my dad
finally decided to give a last chance to lucky to stay with us.
lucky never dig holes or bite towels anymore....
but he bite birds, mice, etc... cute dog.
he is a clever and handsome dog,
he will eat when i say: "eat"
he will go into the cage when i say: "go in!"
he will came to my side when i cried at the garden...
(usually because scolded by parents)
i din bluff, he really do so.
I always buy some dog can-food for him with my own pocket money,
(my dad never know even until now...haha)
I'm the one he likes the most,
( i think so)
cause he will hug my legs and licked my hands...sometimes face
(how he hug? with his two front legs lock my legs and lie on me..haha)
he never do this to other!
but sometimes he also bully me la,
such as, step on my slippers when i was walking,
make me almost fall down,
or hid my shoes behind trees.
I love him so much,
for every good memory he gave.
I remember last year,
dunno when was it.
i came back to my hometown from kl.
before i went back to my house.
my younger sister asked me to be prepare.
"you better prepare, cause u gonna see something make u sad"
i replied:" pls dun tell me lucky died edi!"
my mum:"no la....but..."
my dad:" you dunno mei? lucky have cancer on his ears...
he just came back from a surgery,
the vet help him remove the tumours.
now he deaf edi! vet said he can't listen anymore.
so, he might can't listen to u anymore"
I replied:"yea..right...u think i'll believe you all?
u always fool me!" (laugh-ing)
the car arrived my house when i said this.
i rush down,
waited lucky rush towards me as usual.
he din!
he walked slowly towards me...with shaking steps...
i notice fur nearby his ears shave-off.
He tried to hug me (locked my legs and licked me)
but when he tried to jump,
he can't!
my tears fell like hell....
cause i can't stand he can hear me anymore....
he looked so ill....
my tears fell like hell when i heard
"haha...i told u all edi la, yann sure cry!"
my sister laughed when she said this.
"aiyo, why you cry? we cheated u only, lucky just have little tumour on ears,
removed edi...not cancer...he still can hear! just that he took some narcotic..
so can't walk and jump well."
my tears still falling when i scolded them.
I love my dog very much.
He is ten years old now....
days passed by...
i know i'm losing him.....
he not active like last year anymore...
i know i'm losing him.....
i can't imagine if he leave me....
i pray,
lord, please let me be around him when u want to take him back.
at least let me comb his fur for the last time before he leave,
at least let me say good bye to him,
lord, i pray, please dun let me received call that he leave us when i'm in kl.
at least let me close to him again for the last time.
lord, i pray, at least dun take him back before i graduate.
i pray and ask in the name of your precious son, jesus christ. amen.
P/s: the first picture was took before surgery, the bottom two were after.
that stupid vet accidently cut his ear's soft bone,
now lucky left ear can't stand like last time.
but he still handsome for me, though

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