Wednesday, July 2, 2008

- Kampar Trip : Where We Stay-

Grant Kampar Hotel is the hotel where we stayed.
Kampar is a small town.
We never expect we able to stay in a good hotel.
it's a four-stars hotel (for me)
The lobby of the hotel actually is quite small.
It's give you the's just a two stars hotel.
When we got the key card,
we rush to our room as we really tired.
At the moment we open the door,
we really surprised as it's not what we thought.
The first sight of the room where we stayed..
there are one king-size bed and two single beds
which separated by a louver-design partition wall.
When we walked inside,
we found that there are one single sofa in front of the window,
while another two-seat sofa beautifully put between the beds.
The bathroom itself also separated to three parts.
a little room with toilet bowl and telephone can be shutted.
a shower stall with curtain and a bath tub which is open.
The environment surround the hotel also give credits to the hotel.
There are european-style buildings with colourful painted walls,
many beautiful lakes and mountains,
it really relaxing us.

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