Friday, July 18, 2008

-Kampar Trip: Day 2-

the sky was blue...and damn hot when we had our site visit.
there was a nice kind uncle offered help,
fetched us into the site with this little truck.
the guys were stood on the truck while us(girls) sat inside the truck
enjoying the air-conditioned cool air. >_<
when lecturer said that we gonna have our lunch soon,
everyone was really happy as the site was really hot,
and we were thirsty and hungry.
started clockwise from the yellow shirt guy are
(boo,andrew,ernest,fai,gary w,kim yang,suan yew, dorh, nick and siew xia)
started clockwise from the white shirt guy
(nigel, alan,sunny,anne,lawrence,kiat,ron,tau wei,jia bou,nick and shawn)
start from the black shirt girl
(joey,matthew,choon wah,kin yew,wai choon, uncle, mr. teoh, ms. linlin and lawr.)
these were our lunch!! there was one more fish not is picture.
wat are we doing here?
there was a puppy!
isn't it cute? we all really like it.
after the site visit, we back to the hotel.
then we looking for our dinner about 8 o'clock.
YOU JI CURRY CHICKEN BREAD! we had a good dinner and it just cause us about RM10 each!

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