Monday, July 21, 2008

-Games Always Entertain: Round 3-

Girl: Doris
Guy: Alan
Guys helped to hold alan: gary and boo
This video is kinda the special and have to be special highlight,
cause i still roughly remember the conversation,
Alan: dorh, since we so friend, dun slap me la...
Doris: cannot,this is game's rules. somemore gary them won't allow
Alan: later i have to drive back...if u slap me, i scare i'll faint,
can't drive well,
then the car will good la..(the hands rolling)
Doris: dun worry, i won't slap so hard 1...
Alan: dun la, we peace..peace, ok?
Doris: cannot la...
Alan: o change another punishment, i drink 1 cup of vodka..ok?
Doris: Don't worry, i'll very soft one...(pulled up her sleeve)
Alan: wei, dun pulled up your sleeve la, u scared me...
like u gonna make a hard slap..(following pulled sleeve)
Doris: No..i just wanna pulled up my sleeve,
i scare my sleeve might scratch your face...(alan touches own face)
Doris waiting to slap....
alan suddenly stop her...
Alan: dun la...later when i drive back, might have road-block,
the police might stop me if my face red...
Gary and boo: alan, dun sissy la...
( gary locked alan's hands while boo locked his face)
a punishment finally done!

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