Sunday, March 30, 2008


This year 2008, I'm already 20 years old,
look back to the days i had spent and noticed that,
i came across many things and inccidents.
It's just part one of my life,
i felt that i understand quite lots about life.
Life seem to be a long run,
You won't know where or when you stop,
neither who or what will at the last destination.
i should say, life is WH-
which we had learnt in school.
What, when, who, where, which and how,
Life is the longest fill-in-the-blank test,
which we have to fill in the blanks
since we borned until died.
God prepare millions of different papers for us.
I think i got a hard paper to fill in the blanks,
it make my life attractive.
Every little things can make me happy and of course
many little things can make me sad.
When i refresh back, found that sometimes i have to learn
that not everything will smooth as i thought of.
Those hurt, yet.....
i have to throw and forget...
cause life still go on...
Forgive is not that i'm softhearted,
i just want to kind to myself.
Hatred make people live with anger.
I don't want and don't like.
i decided to let the inccident faded away silently,
I believe,
i won't regret.
cause i fill in some happy and good thing write
into my little fill-in-the blanks test.

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