Monday, January 19, 2009

-I'm Not Lesbian-

Last few days,
It was my younger sister birthday,
I went back to ipoh for her birthday party as she is my little princess,
i wont let her down when she ask me to go back,
(i never hv my own bd party, sob )
As usual,
i chit-chat, played with her friends, my friends and relatives,
It came to the "pillow talk" section of three of us,
 when I found that my younger sister just got a bf,
Then she told me that...
Her friends doubted whether i'm lesbian,
as i edi 21,
not yet hv bf.
oh my!
wat the hack hide inside teenager's brain nowadays?
Din hv bf means lesbian?
It's a big fat joke.
i guess many of friends also doubted before,
whether i'm lesbian.
ok, hereby i have to clarify myself,
I'm just like other ordinary girl,
i lik male, not female.
Dun have Bf, just because not yet meet my Mr. Right.
I don't want simply start a relationship.
cause it will hurt both of us if we found out we dun mean for each other.
Haha, I hope i make myself clear in this issue

1 comment:

HaPPyDeViL said...

Wahaha.. Of coz u r not a lesbian.. They juz dunno u well enuf.. but u shud think of it oso.. u cant always wait.. if not, ur ship may leave u d.. :O