Sunday, February 7, 2010

-The Daybreakers-'s been a long long time ago since i last posted something here.

There are many reasons....laziness, exhaustion....bla bla bla...

there are many customers in academy during this period as CNY is around the corner.

I had found one movie last day, of course, i watched it, and it's a good movie.

Therefore, i wanna share this movie with you. 

You can download this movie through -DAYBREAKERS-

It's about a mysterious disease flooded the world.

Almost all people become vampires, there are little humans left...

The world had change.

Vampires rule the world, the humans had to hide and run...

as the governments are all vampires.

Yet, the extinction of human race started to alert the vampires,

they had to farm blood or create a substitute.

The human blood doctor, a vampire too, wish to find substitute to replace human blood,

He has compassion in humans, he refuse to drink blood...

The stocks of human blood can only supply for another month...

The vampires desperate for blood.

The doctor found the cure for this disease, yet, the rulers refuse to get treated.

Doctor,a vampire, turn his back to his own race, and join the humans.

Now. the battle begins within the vampires and humans.

Luckily, It's a good ending...

This movie is full with action, and it has a good storyline...

Especially when you watched those vampires biten a XXXXXXXXX...and turn into a XXXXX.....

I can't tell you much here, i gotta save those climaxes for you.

It's always more fun if you watch it yourself.

That scenes boiled my blood, i even replayed that three to four times....

It's GOOOOOOD, go download and watch!!

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