Wednesday, July 27, 2011


On my birthday, we  adopt them
Little Didi wanna play the wheel
But mei mei don't allow
then dinner time!
first argument?
ya, i guess they quarrell
friend again?
friend edi!
so close~
They babies!
Mei mei become mummy
Husband and wife
Didi Always try to 'prison-break'
oopps! get caught?

Years ago, on my birthday. My sis and i bought pair of hamster. Our very first pair of hamster. We had a gathering on my birthday, then we went to pet shop and....they went back home with us....

They died after 3 years. Some said it considered long life for hamster. Now, years after they died. I still miss them. However, pet a hamster before, i guess you understand, how adorable a hamster can be.. Mei mei is a fierce hamster, but only to her husband...She always wondering around when we let her out of he cage..she always push her husband out from the wheel...pity didi~...Mei mei doesn't look like an ordinary Syrian Hamster, cause she is larger than ordinary syrian. She is always steady, calm and cool. She always want a S-bodyshape, that's why she play the wheel from day to night~

Didi is a gentleman ( or maybe he really can't fight meimei?), he know when we talk about him...cause he'll still there and stare at us, when we gossiping...He plans a prison break with mei mei...that why they bite the cage for hours each day....thinking that maybe the iron-sticks will day?

They give a lots of sweet memories to us. I miss you both, Didi and Meimei~

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