Monday, August 8, 2011

-My Top Bookmarked-

I have a damn long list of bookmarked websites. However, there are only few that i consume frequently. They are:

Tumblr is website for the user share their posts. It's slightly different with ordinary blogging websites. It's similar to twitter and blogger...You share a post, tumblr will automatically attached it with further info...for instant...i share a song...then it'll automatically attached with singer album cover..etc...It a site for me to share some short daily thoughts...Twitter limited 140 words while Tumblr doesn't. That's why i consume Tumblr more than twitter.

A page for me to share some long posts...a more serious stuff...some poems...


 Urhm...i dun think i have explain why i bookmarked it, right?

 A cool site for me to find new songs. It is largest music web-page which allows me to know when my favourite singers have new album releasing..when they gonna have tour to Malaysia.. It updated with latest trend of music...and all genre of popular artists/ The other reason that make me surf this webpage , it let you know similar artist to whom you i like Lunatica, it'll tell you which group of artist similar with Lunatica..

 A online internet radios station. There are variety of online broadcasting radios. If today i'm in the mood of listen to Christian songs...there are a long listed christian radio stations for me to choose.

 If Live365 is for me to listen to music...Youtube absolutely the best choice for me to watch trailers, music videos, shows and etc.
 Hotmail. My only and i feel thant it's the best choice of internet mailing device.
 StumbleUpon is a webpage allow me to browse to many webpages in one click. Firstly, you set your interests in your profile. then, the system will randomly load resources similar to your interest...for example, i set my interests, music, photography, and movie...then it'll browse you some webpages that shared by other users...such as a movie trailer, a list of songs..if u dun like the page, u just hv to click the button 'stumble', it'll load another's a good and unique helpful website.

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