Tuesday, August 26, 2014

-ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-

ALS seem to be a popular term that appear in most social networking websites recently. There are many people accept 'Ice Bucket Challenge' and donate $100 to the organisation.
When the number of participants become larger, there are also many people critique on this activity.

Some said that it's such a waste of ice, water and etc. Lately, some people even come out with 'survey' that the money donated to ALS is being abused by the related community as most of the fund consume on research and administrative cost.

Well, I never take any ice bucket challenge and also not that I don't agree ice bucket challenge has nothing much linked with ALS. However, I also must agree that no matter this challenge is good or bad, it's effective! Ice bucket challenge is merely a channel to attract people attention be it they really sincerely concern about ALS or they just want to catch up with the latest trend. So, just don't be so obsessed into finding out all the 'negative' disadvantages of this challenge.

In fact, this challenge successfully raise a large amount of fund in short period for ALS community. Besides, some people said that the funds had been misused by the community as the cash flow report shows that majority of the money spend on research purposes.

Alright, I guess that they just don't realise ALS is a disease without cure. All the ALS community can do is merely provide consultation, medicines, treatments and equipments to the patients. However, the one and only thing that all patients wanted most is definitely a cure for this disease, so that they never suffer again. This is the reason why research is the most important and costly thing for all disease without cure.

Thus, stop all the criticisms on the ice bucket challenge or attack ALS community. You suppose to help but not be an obstacle to ALS community

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