Monday, February 15, 2016

-Creative Commercials-

1. Coca-cola|Brotherly Love
Just like the title mentioned clear enough; This commercial is about brotherly love among two brothers. The elder brother always mess with his little brother. Apparently it will makes the audiences feel that the elder brother is not love his brother. Twisted plot when some other people bully his little brother, he shows up and protects his brother. The video end nicely with the elder brother passed back the Coca-Cola to his little brother. The most IMPORTANT attractive point is the elder brother is handsome!!!!

2. Coca-Cola| Hulk vs Ant-Man
Well. I guess the storyline is not so important. I see Hulk and Ant-man. I like them. I buy this commercial. Nice play!

3.Toyota Prius
The plot of this Toyota Prius commercial started with four robbers ran out from bank and saw their car got towed. Then they hijacked a Toyota Prius and ran from polices' capture. They have introduce all the special features along the long run from polices and because of the good car's functions. They survive from the long chase and eventually escape safely. The director added some funny scenes and really do make me feel replay again. I had watched many car commercials and this is the best of the year far. 

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