Tuesday, June 10, 2008

-10th year -

This year, 10th year we know each other.
Friend is really hard to gain,
especially whom will sincere to you.
I am really lucky,
that i have a friend like her,
thanks our lord, jesus christ.
It's hard to explain how good she is,
as i can't find a word to elaborate.
She can do many things for friends,
yet, not all of her friends really appreciate.
She really honest,
but there are also people that dislike though she tell the truth,
cause she not used to cheat and give fake praise.
She will give her concern to friend silently,
yet, not everyone know.
I really happy to have her as my best friend,closest friend.
well, i can speak it out loud and clear,
i already take her as one of my family members,
besides of my family,
she is the only contact that i'll put in speed dial list in my handphone.
14th of DEC is her birhtday,
27th of MAY is my birthday,
as a result,
we take 5th of august as our own special friendship day,
total of the digit our birthday
(1+4+2+7=14 1+4=5) for day
(1+2+5=8) for month
It's funny and childish,
but it's an occasion for us to prepare little presents to each other.
p/s: kit yen, thanks for your song which you sang to me,
i'll keep it in my phone always.
oh ya, remember to keep fit and be girlish bit a...
muakz Y(o - o)Y

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