Wednesday, June 11, 2008

-20th Years Old Birthday-

Well , please dun scared by my face nor laugh at me.
I'm the victim of........birthday trap!
After class, i had receive a phone call that my friends gathered
in Mid Valley and they asked me to join them for a farewell party of Ginger,
as she will leave us and go to England.
When we went to Kenny Roger's for dinner,
they suddenly tolde me that
today they want to celebrate my 'Belated-Birthday"
I was really surprised and of course also felt happy
They gave me a pink beg with presentsSSS inside
while they told me that
there are 20 presents represent 20th yrs old birthday,
These presents must cost a lotsssss.
I was really touched,
not because of i have 20 presents,
but their effort to make me have an unforgettable birthday,
But!! Wait a second,
they asked me to close my eyes for them to draw something
ok, as i still enjoying the happiness of being surprised,
i let them do so.
And, the picture above,
that Cool Man with pimples and beard was born.
I was not allow to wash it nor look at it from mirror
(but actually i can't wash it with ordinary facial cleanser at home)
so i really dun know why the people pass by me laugh at me
(only know when i look at the mirror when i went back)
It's really unforgettable, GALsss.....
The following is my 20 presentsss.........
Two gold-coloured bags. Inside have whole set of cosmetic
(They said this is because i always act like boy
and want me to be different after this 20th years old)
Make-up base ( Cyber Colours)

Make up foundation ( Cyber Colours)

Concealer ( Red Earth)
Blusher (Canmake)
Make up Remover (Cyber Colours)
Eye Shadows (Silky Girl & Kate)
Mascara ( Lo'Real)

Lip Stick (Kate)
Eye Liners (Cyber Colours)

Shoes (Voir)

Skirt (P&Co)
Pants (P&Co)

Pants (Voir)
Long-Pants (P&Co)

Tube (P&Co)

Sleeve-less Shirt (P&Co)

Spaghetti (P&Co)

Spaghetti (P&Co)

Belt (P&Co)
Really Thanks, all of the 'OKB' sSs.....
but please next time dun spend too much on my birthday,
i feel guilty la....

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