Wednesday, August 13, 2008

-What you see is what you think-

I saw one comic before.
there are four strips
the first strip
show two people sleeping on bed,
husband and wife.
the second strip
show that wife woke up and switch on the fan
then she went back to sleep again.
the third one
show that husband woke up and switch off the fan
then he went back to sleep again.
the fourth strip
show both of them also woke up and look at each other....
underneath the comic,
the author ask...
what you think the comic show?
the readers commented:
this comic
show husband and wife were sleeping,
wife feel hot so turned on the fan,
but husband feel cold and switched off the fan,
then they both feel angry
and look at each other and quarrell.
most of the readers said that
either the husband or wife also selfish
cause they just care for their own feeling.
"why can't the husband be gentleman a little,
since his wife feel hot
and switched on the fan, why can't him tolerate?"
one women commented.
"why must the guy tolerate? why can't women think for man sometimes?"
one man commented.
after long period of argument,
the author then comments,
"i was disappointed, no one really know what the comic mean about.."
According to the author,
actually the second strip
show that the wife know her husband
not comfortable with hot.
so she switched on the fan.
the thrid strip show
that the husband know his wife easy get cold,
that is why he switched off the fan.
the fourth show
they look to each other and smile.
what we look not really what we think,
we always fooled by our own eyes,
when we get scolded,
we seldom think why one want to scold us?
when we get hurt,
we won't think whether he/she hurt when they hurt us?
Put your feet into others' shoes,
we feel what they feel,
understand that
we are not look but see,
we are not hear but listen,
we are not talk but speak.

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