Thursday, August 21, 2008

-John William Waterhouse: Apollo and Daphne-

Lately, i'm so interested in Sir John William Waterhouse's paintings.
Thus, i decided to share his paintings with my friends her.
This painting named
Just like her name,
this painting is about the love story of apolloe and daphne.
Apollo offended another god, Eros, the god of love.
Hence, Eros as god of love, decided to punish Apollo.
Eros shot two golden arrows.
One arrow dipped in gold had the power
to create insatiable lust in a person,
while another created absolute
abhorrence towards all things romantic and passionate.
The arrow dipped in Apollo,
while another dipped Daphne.
Daphne was the daughter of the river god Peneus.
Apollo chased down the maiden,
desperate for her love,
but she wanted nothing to do with him,
and she ran from him endlessly.
Soon, she grew weary in her running
and that Apollo would ultimately catch her.
Fearful, she called out to her father for help.
As all gods of water posses the ability of transformation,
Peneus transformed his daughter into a laurel tree.
Suddenly her legs took root,
and her arms grew into long and slender branches.
Apollo reached the laurel tree,
still enamored with Daphne,
held the tree in a special place in his heart.
He claimed the tree the as his special tree,
and adorned himself with some of it's leaves.
And that is why the laurel always,
a symbol of the god Apollo.
The story above i read and edited.
This only of John's paintings.
All his paintings also figure out the ancient tales.
I like those since i was young.
Therefore, i easily attracted by his paintings.
that is all for this night.
More coming up in another blog.

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