Friday, September 12, 2008

-Malaysia! Boleh??-

Malaysia Boleh!
In Malaysia,
you can robbed people whenever you want.
Cause We have very 'generous' polices.
They seldom care whatever you do,
as long as....
You know what is 'Duit Kopi'
Our police also have very good manners,
cause they will call the robber as 'beliau'
'beliau telah merompak awak....'
They always concern about others' cultures,
cause whenever you see them in police station,
they always watching astro chinese drama,
we have a very good police.
when you walked into the station,
the girls will looked at the mirror,
Make Up!
see, they always want to provide a Pro image,
so that we as citizen won't shame.
Malaysia Boleh!
We have enough freedom,
just that remember don't buy expensive handphone,
cause we have enough 'freedom'
to take whatever you want without permission,
you have no need to buy one,
just 'take' from others.
oh ya,
we have a tradition,
if you want to 'take' something,
show them a knife o sharp object,
this is a sign of 'friendly' in order to get whatever you want.
Malaysia Boleh!

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