Monday, May 11, 2009

-Best touched Commercial-

It's about dad n daughter...

it's about father and son

It's about husband and wife


Maybe all these videos will make you cry, but do take a look.

They worth for few minutes of your "BUSY" life

These advertisements are talking about family.

I know, maybe it's a lame topic.

but, forever and ever, it able to touch your heart easily.

The first video, the father fetching his daughter to school by bicycle.

No matter how old he is, how heavy his daughter is ....he still insist....

his father looks quiet, but he shows his love through what he has done for his daughter,

the golden phrase in it:'也许,他怕我忘了回家的路.'

Yea, family always there whenever we are hurt, depress or lonely,

Home is the only place which always welcome us with open door.

The second clip is also touched. Father is poor. He couldn't give his daughter much.

Yet, he give all his love to his daugther. Patient, though his daughter's attitude is wrong. 

I was touched, when the girl said:'My father is generous beyond his need, but the greatest gift that he give love".

Do you notice while you watching the video. There is only one room in that unit. The father 

choose to sleep outside. Give the only room to his daughter. Do you notice? On the shoes rack,

his father has only one pair of shoes...pair of old shoe..while his daughter has many pairs of new shoes. 

The thrid video is kinda contrast with the second video, the father love his son too.

Yet, he used tough way to raise his son.

There are some misunderstanding between him and his son. I cried like hell.

when he said :'I want more time. Time to tell my son, i love him more than anything. Time  to understand him better. Time to listen to his opinions. Time to talk to him. Listen to his songs. Time to tell him that i'm sorry. Time to do what i've never done. Time to take better care of him. Time to love him more"

Omg, i think these sentences are really good. We always didn't notice what we have,

and what we are about lost. We always regret when things gone.  In the clip, can you see the guitar on the desk...which stick with tapes?? It's the guitar his son threw on floor on that day his son left him. He stick back the broken how he want to stick back the broken crack of their relationship....

The last video. the golden phare :"i hope they can meet whom beautifully imperfect". one is perfect, right? but those we love, who are imperfect, always come along with things we can love, their cares for us....

Enjoy the videos...

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