Friday, January 7, 2011

-2011 'Must-Watch-List'-

It's the beginning of 2011, everyone has their own 'wish-list','to-do-list', while i have my own little 'Must-Watch-List'. I'm a perfect role model for movieholic....So, the following are those movies in my list...(of course, there are lots more...)

1.The Way Back

This story is basically about a true story that a gang of survivors escape from Siberian Prison...they have to struggle to survive and cross 4000miles of wilderness...Hopefully the director won't make 'the way back' too hard for them...
Date of release: 21 Jan 2011

2.127 Hours

Again, it's based on a true story that a mountain climber had stuck in between rocks and how he find a way to save cut off his own can search Aron Ralston in Youtube to understand more about his survival..
Date of release: 17 February 2011


A team of underwater cave divers found a unexplored cave, they are then trapped in the cave, they tried to make their way out....I'm super attracted by the trailer...and i wished to know whether they successfully escape from the cave or all dies??
Date of release: 17 February 2011

4.The Mechanic

Jason Statham's action movie...another kick ass 'killer' movie....
Date of release:18 February 2011

5.I am number four

Alex Pettyfer....I am number four...a story about creatures from other planet escape to earth from some 'starwar' thingy....then alex is one of the aliens who live like a human on earth whom didn't realize who he really is....until someone hunting him...bla bla bla...
Date of release: 24 February 2011

6.Drive Angry

Nicholas Cage's action movie...i think it similar with 'Ghost Rider' Fantasy+Action....
Date of release: 25 February 2011

7. The Eagle

Channing tough handsome guy...he is so good in every movie played by him...such as She's the man, Step up, G.I. Joe, Fighting, Dear, i dun think i should miss his new movie...
Date of release: 4 March 2011


Ooh-la-la.....romantic love story of modern version of beauty and the beast....i had waiting for this movie since last year...Arhhh....Alex!!
Date of release:18 March 2011


I always obsessed by this kind of mythical go for it...
Date of release: 28 April 2011

10. Fast five

The fast and furious 1-4 also did well....and this kinda related with the, i needa know what happened next after episode 4...
Date of release:5 May 2011

11. Priest

This movie seem cool....again...i love fantasy action movie!
Date of release: 5 May 2011

12.Pirates of the Caribbean 4

In Pirate4, no more bloom and Keira Knightley...some of friends said it won't be as good as previous one...and i said...damn it, who care...i dun gv it a shitt...i watch this movie for Johnny Depp....
Date of release: 20 May 2011

13.Super 8

Steven Spielberg, a damn famous producer.....he keeps this movie mysterious...i just briefly know that it's about aliens....but i guess it'll be great!
Date of release:9 June 2011

14.Cars 2

Cars cars cars....Cartoon cartoon cartoon...(ba,ba,ba,ba,ba~~wu, i'm loving it)
Date of release:24 June 2011

15. Transformer 3

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