Thursday, April 7, 2011

-319 Supermoon-

19th March 2011, the moon had made closest approach to the earth in last 19 years.
I am so damn obsessed by astrological phenomenon.
Unfortunately, Malaysia wasn't the spot which near to the moon,
and moreover heavy clouds had block the moon from my sight...damn!

So, just like when u miss the Linkin Park Live concert,
all you can do is watch the damn video and pretend like u were there. 
Yea, it's what i am doing pictures and videos through internet,
and 'SEE' the supermoon through these 2D mediums~it sucks but yet it's my only choice.

I am so in love with the astrological phenomenon till i once dreamed that
i want to get the ticket and catch a flight to the nearest country to the moon.
Well, i know, it's just a dream. I'm not that rich.
So, all i can do is wait...for another 20years for another chance to see the supermoon. 

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