Sunday, January 24, 2016

-K9, The most Kick-ass Dog-

I always fancy most Kick-Ass things. I love to watch American Ninja Warrior and most my friends don't even know what is it about. Recently, my latest "most-watched" videos on YouTube are videos about special forces in the world. For the moment, most kick-ass special forces for me are: Spetsnaz (Russian) and Snow Leopard (China). Special Forces, is you have not heard about this before, allow me to simplified the meaning, they are top soldiers who are best among the best soldiers in every nations. There is a famous international special forces competition which held every year by Kasotc, it known as Annual Warrior Competition

Opps, I think I am going deviated from the title. Okay, so when I surf through Kasotc official website, I saw K9 training video. After I watched these videos, I really admire these dogs. They are sent to the field as front line. They are train to check the mission field is clear and also because of this, they could be killed in any minute.

I'm a dog-lover and I have a belgium sherperd, Maccus now. This made me feel even prouder when I watch these videos (even though Maccus has none of those skills in the videos). Dogs can be so kick-ass and helpful when they are well-trained. They are loyal to their masters too and willing to sacrify themselves in most circumstances. This is the reason why I really can't understand why there is people eat dogs. They don't even eat dogs, but even torture dogs before they takes their lifes. Hey, why don't you pick on your sizes? Go fight wih tibetan mastiff instead of those weak poor stray dogs!

Alright, back to the topic. K9 is actually a term of police dogs. You can see in the videos that K9 is train to investigate the mission field, attack the targets, locate the harmful weapons, find the hostage and etc. What a dog can earn from all these missions? Nothing! At least nothing for themselves. They are not working for the country as they have no idea what country that they are actually living at. All they know is follow the orders of their masters. This is why most police dogs will retire from their duties when their masters are retire or died. It is because of the bond between the master and the dog is close and strong. They perform exactly well as they are with first partner.

Lastly, I just want to say that Dogs give their best to us and we should appreciate them always.

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