Tuesday, December 25, 2007

-Holiday, episod 2-

Second Day we went to Sunway Lagoon
As what we thought, there were freaking many people.
We waited an hour again for tickets.
Yet, the fun in the park worth it.
This day, we quite lucky, cause every game we went for also no
need wait for long.
One scary thing was, when i played the roller coaster,
that stupid safety belt unfasten!!
Gosh~~ i scare like hell....
I faster "manually" fasten the belt.
There was a box for photo taking
in the middle of roller coaster section for us,
and as you can imagine,
i'm freaking scare as the belt unfasten,
the photo will be??
At night, we found that the street of Sunway Pyramid
was damn beautiful.
The perfect Light effect, round bright moon, christmas feel
brought me perfect day.

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