Wednesday, December 19, 2007

-My First Ambitious-

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Alaska.
An atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light
caused by charged solar particles
following the earth's magnetic lines of force.
Primary school teacher used to ask who we want to be
when we grow up.
Teacher, Polis, Nurse, Doctor and Lawyer
seem to be "standard" choice for us when we were kids.
But, i never consider those job.
I had an dream ambitious,
Since i was young.
I always want to be an astronomer.
Last time, when my grandma's hometown not yet developed.
There are always thousand stars at night.
Under sky with stars,
i can feel peaceful and hapiness.
Maybe i'm kinda weird, as i can smile few days
after one enjoyable rest under starry sky.
That's why i always want to be an astronomer.
Yet, dream always fail to fulfill under the pressure of MONEY
I have a dream
which i can have a house beside beach,
then i can spend my nights under the starry night.

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