Thursday, December 13, 2007

-John Travolta-

John Travolta, i think teenagers majority dunno who is him.
But, i heard about this man since i was standard four.
Cause my Mum Like him so much.
Well, i also like him. Not much, but still kinda "must" to
watch all his movies. So, i just wanna share his brief profile
He was born at 18/2/1954, USA. Full-name is
John Joseph Travolta, height about 1.88 m. He is an actor,
singer and pilot. Yeah, he is a pilot too. Gosh, He was once dance
with Princess Diana.
He was a good husband. i think so. Ha, cause he married
kelly again after they divorce for years. I like him after i watched
"look who's talking".......He played well in "face-off". I have to
say...nicholas cage is not outstanding like him in that movie.
though he acted as a bad guy in the movie. LOL.
"Grease" is the movie that he played in musical style. This
movie is interesting as they sing n dance frequently in the
movie....lik bollywood? hak..
p/s: i was wonder....why a guy can change that much...if you
watch "grease" n "face-off" before, compare his face..
u'll know...

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