Friday, December 14, 2007

-Review Day Take 1-

Boo. I always called him boo boo. He is kinda gentleman? Hak...

He always help us up.

Glad to know him as he is a good friend to have

A Fai, that's how we call him. He is really a nice guy, patient, helpful
Besides, he sings well like one of our local singer.
This is him and his design. He is really consider human
scale in his design. That's good for a designer.

Nick, but this is not the only way we called him. Sponge bob, etc...

I wonder how he got all that name. LOl.

E zhu, i also called her blur pig. Sometimes, cause he really blur.

She like round. I think. But i really admire her sincere in design.

She is a cute gal if you really know her.Tess, i used to called her Tes.SSsss.

She stayed with me for one year before.

Everyone said god bless her as she still in one piece.

I think i'm not that horrible like how they think....Maybe?

Hee...This is her design, unique, right?

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