Thursday, March 12, 2009

-Blank in my brain-

Some said, when you encounter bad incident,
there are no only one bad luck with come to you,
but lots.
Today, i should finish my redo-board,
yet, i didn't. In fact, i couldn't even think properly.
There are lots of bad news which i realized today.
Maybe they shouldn't tell me those news,
but i need to know what happened.
Why everything seem to be fine, turned to bad condition 
in a sudden?
He left, It left, She left....
I am a weak damn ass who always controlled by my god damn
I put every relationship at the first place in an order of priority,
I am very bad for say goodbye to other.
I scare of depart of those i care and even those who i not even know well,
but today, i had to face lots of depart.
i just hate that.
Maybe i really not suit for study this course,
for we needa control our feeling, and do watever we needa do to score or 
pass the course.
Not like any other course, we used most of our time for assignment,
no time for personal unnecessarily things.
No time for depression.
But it's my dream, i had to struggle for complete the course.
Tonight, after those bad news, some might change my life,
i can't do wat i suppose to do.
god damn me. not surprise if i fail with those stupid ugly board submitted.
Maybe after tonight, after i feeling better, i should redo better board for lecturer.
tonight, i start miss you all with tears. I do. 
Hopefully, after a night, tomorrow, i'll found that
it's just a nightmare.
please don't give up of believe, i love you. 
Work this out for my sake, ok?
please....i begging you.
I put my faith on you, god.

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