Monday, March 23, 2009

-New members of Lee's family-


Taa...daa...This is my new family member,Duffy,

It's a cute puppy, right?

My younger sister's boyfriend saw this little puppy by roadside,

hungry and trembling like a leaf,

He brought this puppy back without ask for my sister permission,

and planned to put it in my dad's house in kampar,

of course it's secret and can't let my dad know,

cause we are not sure whether he allow us to feed this puppy o not.

My sister called me and sent few of duffy's handsome pictures to me,

tried to persuade me to help her to pujuk my dad,

of course i fell in her trap, cause duffy is really cute.

One friday, the fourth day, we adopted it,

my dad suddenly came to her should said my dad house,

yea...then he saw the dog, and asked my sister to give it to other people,

as we edi have lucky, 

but it's too cute and hard for us to give it away to other,

we ignored dad's order.

After few days later, my dad came to kampar again,

at last, agree to allow us have this little dog in our house.

So, here he come, duffy to our family...

oh, btw, the little cross on its chest is really cool...

it's also one of the minor reason my parents let us keep it,

cause we are fresh christian...haha...superstition help duffy survive,

and joined our family.....

oh yea....actually i din saw it for real i din go back hometown,

for almost month edi....i just saw its photos and videos only....

but i still think it's cute....

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