Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My parents came to meet us(my eldest sis and me) on 05/02/09,

When my parents first arrived my room,

as usual, 

they started to explore my room to search anything i need to renew/fix.

My dad brought me a simple nice cross, nailed it on my wall,

cause he said i'm alone in my room, i might scare sometimes o anything,

it can calm me. ya, indeed.

After rest a while in my room, we departed to my sister's hostel to pick her

and proceed to our destination, TENJI japanese buffet restaurant.

At the beginning, we planned to go to Shogun, another similiar restaurant,

My sis suggested us to give this restaurant a try.

Along the ride to there, i was kept on telling my sis tat if the restaurant not good,

i'll kill her(as i want to go to Shogun so much),

but when i reached there, the restaurant really took my breath away,

it's really charming.

With mist, the restaurant surrounded by great environment,

super duper romantic.

The design of the restaurant also nice and most important,

there are lots of food, with fresh seafood, various japanese food,

cakes and haagen dazs  ice-creams~~~~


the second day, we went to few shopping center, ikea,

for window shopping. nothing much we done tat day,

yet, i enjoyed very much.

After my parents back to ipoh, i started to miss them,

every little new changes in my room remind me of them.

a little cross, a new vacuum, new bed cover, new arrangement in my bathroom,

every simple changes remind me,

i have a great happy family.

thanks god, for granted me a simple happy life with them by my side. amen

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