Sunday, March 22, 2009

-Marley and Me-

Last few week, i watched a movie in cinema called "marley adn me"

it's a very heart touching movie.

Owen and jennifer are a fresh married couple,

like other ordinary american couples' plan,

after married, they got themselves a little house, car, etc,

to start their new life, after get all these things done,

jennifer wants a baby while owen not yet prepare for it.

Therefore, owen bring jennifer to adopt one puppy in order to make her

forget about the baby at that moment.

The puppy, Marley turned into a huge troublesome dog,

it  witness all the changes in the family,

besides of troubles, it left sweet memories for owen and jennifer,

It's actually a true story and book published years ago.

I miss my family and cute dog lucky very much after watch this movie,

it emphasize family relatioship very well,

therefore if you have little free time,

spend a little two hours,

watched this movie,

believe me,

it worth it!

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