Sunday, November 15, 2009

-2012: The End Of the World, Part 1-

i had just back from KLCC after watching a nice movie 2012.

i guess many of you had already watched or heard about it.

Yea, it was freaking breath-taking!!

God damn it!

I heard about this movie long time ago before it actually released.

It released on 12nd of this month. I booked tickets for saturday.

It was terribly hot sale. A week before 12nd, i had already took a fast move to book tickets,

Yet, tickets for saturday, from early morning till 4.20pm had sold out.

Luckily, i successfully reserved tickets.

We arrived KLCC about 40minutes before the movie started. 

The crowd was really large, i thought 2012 got larger fans than transformer.

when we reached to the reservation counter to have our tickets,

we had been told that we were late. We should collect the tickets an hour ago.

we are just late for 20 minutes, and the tickets are sold out!!

the following showtimes also fully sold out excluding 9pm...sweet holy jesus...

we got the at last...

what shocking me was i just knew that TGV had about eight halls play 2012 for each showtime.

holy crap, man.

Ok, Let's get back into the movie...How was the movie?? 

It was really great...i was so stress when i watching this movie....

and felt really relieve when the movie end and got out of the cinema...

why is this happening?? cause it was really brought me to tears...

fortunately, it just not like any other old-fashion disaster movie,

you know....hero must sacrifice at the end...john cusack stay alive!!

it's pretty late eyes can't hold on for that late since i quit architecture..

back to u later in another new post...sweet dreams >_<

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