Friday, November 27, 2009

-Orianthi:According To You

My sister just complaint that recently i always post youtube clips on my blog.

Hello!! I admit that i'm lame, ok? lol.

I guess some of you might not know who is Orianthi

In your mind now might be...ok, another new girl whom act like avril...

That's what come into my mind... blonde, thick eyeliner, heavy eyeshadow..

But all these thinking were last for only few second...

When i saw her played the guitar....i was

additional, she has good voice..."according to you~~"

In fact, her style really similiar with avril lagvine.

Somehow, she has her own special cool temperament.

The highlight of the MV, no doubt,  is the guitar which appear in front of the screen.

It's quite annoying, yet, it's awesome.

Furthermore, she is not really a new singer who just join the musical career, 

She started piano when she was three, and classical guitar when she was about six,

She had played guitar for Carlos Santana, Carrie Underwood and Michael Jackson.

When she was still 14, She once played the support for , Steve Vai and ZZ Top.

She had just released her first album, ..

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