Friday, November 20, 2009

-For Your Christmas-

This coming Christmas day going to be exciting..

I guess most of us also know Alvin n the chipmunk very well, right??

their chicken voice....yet, it's kinda cute.

They are back. This Christmas, they going to rock the highschool....

If they are lucky enough, maybe they can get a girlfriend...u gotta check out

the trailer...the ending of the trailer...when they saw d other three speaking hot chick..

opps...i mean female chipmunks..

Scream**** ohohoh....i like him very much, i mean Robert Downey Jr.

He is so man, isn't he?

So, there are two movie i gotta watch for christmas eve....

if only my mum din ask me to give her hands on that day...cross n fingers n pray-ING.

ok, i guess i should make it short.... SHERLOCK HOLMES is a movie u can't miss,

why? because of i said so....{that's what we called 'perasan' in malay}

anyway, enjoy the trailers >_<

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