Wednesday, April 15, 2009

- Annie Leibovitz, World Famous Photographer-

the Queen's coming to the aniversaryof Jamestown's founding. 

Ariel smiling at the world above as merfolks swam around her.
And Ariel's fin is different than the others showing her status of royalty or differentness.
Jullianne Moore stars as Ariel
Michael Phelps star as one of the main merfolf (upfront)
and the other three are also famous swimmers 

Scarlett Johhanson relives the scene where Cinderella must leave at the stroke of twleve

Zac Efron portraying the Prince kissing the beautiful porcelain Princess Aurora.

And she awakes.

Jessica Biel ran as Pocahontas, daughter of a chief, to a cliff to

say one last goodbye to John Smith. 

David Beckham defeats a new enemy, a dragon.

Prince Phillip battles dragon with a handmade sword.

In the background is Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle,

where the scene takes place. 

In this shot, the world is centered around French Queen, Marie Antoinette

(played and modeled by Kirsten Dunst). 

Count Ferson, the Queen's secret lover stares at her form across the room

while her husband, King Louis XVI whispers in her ear.

In this scene: Roger Federer poses as the now King Arthur reliving

his memory by pulling the sword fromt he stone/ anvil by the lake.

Rachel Weisz relives the scene Snow White befriends the woodland creatures.


Annie Leibovitz

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