Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-Cry Again-

The video i post earlier is actually a link which sent by Auntie Catherine,

yea...again....She actually like to send these kind of email to me,

and i enjoy it much.

ok, let's back to the the beginning, I feel like this video is boring,

but, since i'm also a boring nerd, so took a look of this short clip,

i thought it's a short clip about the restaurant food safety o sumting similiar,

you know...the milk powder of china had a great impact to me,

so, i waited and it the chicken actually fake?

make with some rats o wat...bla bla bla...

when the fellow come to the restaurant, take the 'left-behind' food,

i wondered again, is is they paid him to filter the food and REUSE 

for the restaurant?? 

yet, the guy cycled all the way back to his village.....and share the food...

which other dun wan...

my tears started to fall when the gal eat the chicken...with a happy smile

on her little face...oh gosh...

when the guy got back to his house...a broken ugly house...

while children and wife is waiting...for the dinner...

the music start...

"let me tell their story, 

 that no one else can hear,

 How can someone's laughter,

 Bring Me close to tear,

 And you'll never know,

 Cause you'll never there,

 After what we've seen,

 Can we close our eyes again?

 Let me tell their story,

 You won't think is true,

 I have not forgotten,

 so i'm sharing it with you,

 for all the things we know,

 What have we really learned?

 though i close my eyes,

 the images remain,

 and their stories,

 begin again."

The video title:Chicken a la Carte The video title

Director: Ferdinand Dimadura

Produced In: 2005 

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization

. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition.

This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society.

The people who live on the refuse of men to survive.

What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

It's a fake video, but come from true facts. 

It's true that it said...for all the things we know...what we really learned?

yea...actually we know all we really care?

i'll sad at this moment...will i really change and din waste food?

for previous cases....i won't....but, for this time...

this video really touched me. I want to change, at least...i'll try...

wish me all the best ya...

ok...if u interested....take a look of the

-I want to change-

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