Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-Sirenia: The 13th Floor-

01. The Path To Decay
02. Lost In Life
03. The Mind Maelstrom
04. The Seventh Summer
05. Beyond Life's Scenery
06. The Lucid Door
07. Led Astray
08. Winterborn 77
09. Sirens Of The Seven Seas
10.The Path To Decay (Radio Mix)
11.The Mind Maelstrom (Instrumental)
12.Winterborn 77 (Instrumental)

I like them much also...the lead vocal also quite pretty....

actually i listened to lunatica's song before i found their sound,

they are cool....for the songs included other male vocal besides lead female vocal,

well....they are quite similiar with lunatica....their name actually come from siren,

the greek mythology sea goddess, which deluded the people,

attract them to the seashore....once they touch the water, the siren will pull them down,

sirens have heavenly voice....therefore, they used this legend to form their band's name,

couldn't find the album dunno which is good to recommend...

yet...The Path To Decay is the promote song...and it's cool, though...


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