Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-Lunatica New Release!!-

Lunatica has release new album.  If you are not fresh in gothic metal,

i think you must be listen to their songs....mayb one or few tracks,

well, i like them very's a good news for new album released,

like other metal bands, marilyn manson, vision of atlantis,

each band has their own style, this album still very "lunatica"....

usually use myth as the theme for the songs...Same with this album..

all these songs are almost the same, somehow....there are differences...

the style and taste is the same, but tempo and rhythm are different

those hignlighted....i think they are rock...u can click to link....listen to it...

1. New Shores 5:19            
2. Two Dreamers 4:19
3. The Incredibles 3:55
The Chosen Ones 5:17
5. Into the Dissonance 4:11
6. The Day the Falcon Dies 5:00   **Most recommended
7. Farewell my Love 4:23
8. Heart of a Lion 3:52
9. My Hardest Walk 5:59
10. Winds of Heaven 3:52
11. How Did It Come to This 3:56

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