Wednesday, April 15, 2009

- Jesse vs Zac -

Jesse Mccartney

Jesse Mccartney

Jesse Mccartney's lastest album cover, departure:recharged

Zachary Efron

Zachary Efron

Zachary Efron


This two fellows, borned 1987. Same age, both also popular in singing.

Yet, many gals prefer zac more than jesse....

cause zac is SOOO HOTTT,

he play Troy Bolton in High School Musical (Disney).

He also sang in the movie Hairspray.

On April 17, 2009 “Seventeen Again” premiers. He will be playing Mike O’ Donnell.

He will be playing Billey Joel in “Robot Chicken”.

Also in 2010 he will be playing Ren McCormack in the remake of “Footloose”.

Hot sale celebrity for this century....

still...i like jesse more than zac,

jesse sing well....he started to sing at age 12 in the boyband Dream Street from 1999-2002,

McCartney decided to go solo after the platinum recording band decided to split.

He has more experience than zac in singing....

he just released a new album, departure:recharged,

I just got this album yesterday,

and he sing more and more like justin now....

i believe he will famous like him one day....

hehe....anyone want the album can get from me...


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