Wednesday, January 30, 2008

-Fade Away-

There is a full stop for it.
Ya, i should stop right now.
Since there seem no one will could ever understand.
I hope there will be a comma for it.
No, i should wake up right now.
From the "happily ever after" as there looks no stock for me.
You keep put question mark on it.
Then, i can't see what happened to it.
Cause you never leave a word for me.
They have excalmatory mark from it.
No sacrifice can be taken from you.
As you never plan to give.
How i hope there is a bracket for me.
So, i can hide you in the middle of it.
For no one can seize on it.
i know the star no belong to me,
as it high above the sky,
many kids could see it.
i become more afraid,
as i found what is it.
i tried to prove it ,
but you seem wont appreciate it
since you never want it,
i promise i'll never give it.
memories are what gonna
slowly fade away.
as you like it.

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