Sunday, January 13, 2008

- Messy Mind-

I hate those feelings....
But can't let them go,
I don't even know myself anymore.
As those things made me blur.
I really think i losing myself.
That very simple one.
Is the flow changed me,
Or i changed myself for the flow?
I never thought of this will happened
but, it did happened.
I always in dream last time,
That very simple one,
now i realized and woke up from that paradise.
No, that's not a paradise,
Just a little dream wonderland.
Ya, I'm lost,
got beat down by myself.
Died in reality,
though i never know how it happened.
Last time,
i get lost in mist.
but, now i walked out from dark,
to the light,
with the brand new start.
This time,
nothing could change the very simple me,
or i would changed for anyone,
I'll appreciate myself more
this is what i promise him!
p/s: thanks jonathan, for wake me up.

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