Saturday, January 12, 2008

-Tattoo? Try this is you dare!-

Days ago, i went to 'yam cha' with my friends.
We talked about tattoo.
I saw some weird tattoo before on one unknown website.
Today, i just got one email from my friend from australia.
As what you saw above,
those were what the email about.
When i saw all those pictures,
i was like.....
"wat the **"
Shit, they can't feel the pain?
but, yet,
some tattoo really beautiful.
They called it, skin-burned tattoo.
Well, if u can take all those pain,
It's a nice try to have.
At least, i haven see any malaysian dare to do so.
Maybe because we dun hv this kind of tattoo,
or we also scare?


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! that is some crazy shit you guys do right there i would never do some crazy shit like that it is fuckin awsome

Anonymous said...

Wow!! you guys are fuckin insane i love it you guys have some balls to do that shit keep rockin