Tuesday, January 15, 2008

-Grey Day-

My Day was little grey today.
Sun still appeared, moon still showed up,
but my mood was little grey today.
I was confusing, lost in the middle of nowhere,
I always want my friends happy,
cause their unhappiness can make me down.
Well, but i know this is non of my business.
But, still can't control my stupid mind.
My Day was little grey today.
Rain didn't fall, storm didn't come,
yet my mood was little grey today.
I was tired, failed to fulfill my target,
cause my friends still not happy.
No matter how i tried,
there was an invisible wall block within us.
Yet, i never give up to cheer them up.
Don't know why i so brave,
dare to write this out,
while people might think i was a faker/pretender
as i sound like i'm concerning.
I'm not concerning. At least not to everyone,
just to them who i think are my sincere friends.
Tired of Guess,
Tired of Worry accidently offend other,
Tired of my "busy body" character,
Maybe i should say Goodbye to Myself,
For a cool and care-free reborn.

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